Meet our friends soon!

To be the friendliest stoma brand in the world. That is our mission. Skin-friendly, user-friendly and customer-friendly. Translated across all our products and fully integrated into the way we operate. Because we feel and understand that life with a stoma often already presents enough challenges as it is.

Our friends Colo, Ileo and Uro are the Oxmed icons. They understand the demands placed on stoma products better than anyone does. Like good adhesion to the skin, for example. Not causing skin irritation. Preventing leaks and air problems (odours and ballooning).

We view the world with an open mind. Your world. Understanding what drives you and what matters to you. Listening. Oxmed assists with challenges posed by stomas. Making new friends. In all segments of the stoma market. That makes us happy.

Experience our friendliness for yourself. Towards those living with a stoma, healthcare professionals and anyone with an interest in stoma care. Friendliness as a distinguishing characteristic. Noticeable right down to the finest details. Oxmed is distinctive.


Obviously with the help of our experts: Colo, Ileo and Uro. Of course.