A friendly approach to discomfort.





Why solve problems when we can also prevent them? Skin problems, leakage, or venting difficulties: all very common and recognisable for ostomates and healthcare professionals. Discover some of Oxmed’s truly unique product features, such as the user-friendly air vent. It’s there for good reason.

It is the perfect solution for when air accumulates in the bag (ballooning) and this air can then easily be released in this way. All that needs to be done is simply to remove the cap. The vent also makes it easy to rinse ileostomy pouches with a spray bottle. Experience how user-friendly hygiene can actually be.

Being able to live carefree with a stoma.  Without any leakage. To be able to fully rely on your stoma pouch. The right skin barrier at the right time. With instant adhesion. Without having to preheat it. It only detaches when the wearer needs it to. And without leaving any hydrocolloid residue on the skin. Flexible and able to absorb moisture. Whether you need it to be flat or convex. Available in several variants. Experience our skin friendliness.